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Temporary Tattoos - How To Make A Fake Tattoo

Thu, 10/14/2010 - 7:06PM by semutngesot 0 Comments -
Tattoos have been in existence throughout history. In fact tattoos were used as a form of body ornamentation thousands of years ago. Across generations, tattoos have evolved as a body art and recently tattooing has spread across the globe. Almost world-wide, tattoos are now regarded as an art form. There are even international summits, conventions and exhibits on the art of tattooing. This just goes to show how tattoos have evolved from a mere body ornament to a piece of art. But not everybody wants to have a permanent tattoo.</p>
Temporary Tattoos Temporary Tattoos</p> <p>

Having a permanent tattoo applied to any part of the body is painful. In order to make the tattoo permanent you must endure being pricked by a needle over and over again. This kind of tattoo is also permanent and requires surgery to remove. These are a few of the reasons why people are turning more and more to fake (or temporary) tattoos.

Temporary Tattoos Temporary Tattoos</p> <p>

One method for a do-it-yourself tattoo is through the use of body paint. The materials you need are tracing paper, body paint, a ballpoint pen and pair of scissors. First, you have to choose tattoo pattern. You can find a pattern in books, tattoo albums or over the internet. Once a pattern is selected, you have to trace it with the tracing paper. All the details must be carefully traced. Then it is time to cut the pattern out. Once the pattern has been fully cut, position it on the body where you want the tattoo placed. Carefully, with the use of a ballpoint pen, draw the pattern on the body. The drawing must be clear because this will serve as the guide for applying the body paint. Apply the body paint over the entire transferred pattern. You have to be careful that the paint will not smudge; otherwise the tattoo will be messy. You may ask a friend to assist you with this. Once the pattern has been fully painted in, wipe around the pattern with cotton balls to remove the excess paint. Let the tattoo dry. The use of a blow dryer on the paint will speed up your drying time. You now have a brand new temporary tattoo.

Temporary Tattoos Temporary Tattoos</p> <p>

Another way to make a temporary tattoo is by simply copying a tattoo pattern onto the skin with the use of ballpoint pens or color marker pens with a fine point. Just make sure that you are not allergic to any of the marker inks.

Temporary Tattoos Temporary Tattoos</p> <p>

1. With the use of an eyebrow pencil of a colored pencil, draw the tattoo pattern very lightly on the body where you want your tattoo positioned.

Temporary Tattoos Temporary Tattoos</p> <p>

2. Carefully trace the illustrated pattern with your ballpoint pen or fine pointed colored marker. The tracing must be done with care to make sure that the coloring will not go outside of the pattern. This is very important to make your tattoos look clean and neat.

Temporary Tattoos Temporary Tattoos</p> <p>
<p>Temporary tattoos are easy and fun to do. You just need to be creative when choosing a tattoo design to be placed on the body. Since the tattoos are temporary, feel free to experiment. Have fun, be creative, one's work of art is an expression of one's personality.

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